Each Bare! show features a raffle prize courtesy of Babeland. Killy “Mockstar” Dwyer chose the raffle prize for the premiere show and reviewed it prior to the raffle. She picked the Remote Panty Vibe, a pair of panties outfitted with a frontal pocket designed to hold a remote controlled vibrator. Never having used a remote device, Killy decided to review it live on stage.

Bare! host Jefferson handed over a package containing the Remote Panty Vibe. Killy began by wriggling into the panties, lifting her tutu to show how they fit. “I’m excited about this little pocket,” she said, tucking a finger into the pouch. “It—oh!—it’s right where it should be, just over my clit. I don’t know about you, but I need a little clitoral stimulation to get off.” She paused for a moment, enjoying her exploration of the pocket. “You all know about clitoral stimulation right? Raise your hands if you know about it.” She looked out over the audience. “Those of you who didn’t raise your hands need to pay special attention. The rest of you, well, I know you’re paying attention. You know what I’m talking about.”

She showed the vibrator. “See? It’s a cute little egg with a tail. The tail is how it gets the signal from the remote control.” She turned it for closer examination. “Hmm, I guess this could go inside you . . .”

“It can indeed,” nodded Jefferson. “In that case, you’d want to leave the tail outside your body. For that use, I’d recommend putting the vibrator inside a condom. That makes clean up a breeze.”

Killy smiled. “Now, I hadn’t considered that. But for now, we’re going to talk about using it for clitoral stimulation so I can show off my panties.” She lifted her tutu. “Okay, so now the vibrator is going into the pocket . . . ooh, there.” She jumped a few times. “Yeppers, that’s right where it ought to be.” Killy jumped again, apparently for her own enjoyment.

She held up the remote. “Now, this is the thing that makes it all happen: the remote control. The person holding this is the person who controls this,” she said, pointing to her tutu. “So, the question is: who wants to be in control of my panties?” She looked at Jefferson. “No, not you . . . I could offer it to my husband, but he gets to play with it later . . . any volunteers?” Hands flew up. A male voice called out. “Oh! I like that enthusiasm. Come up here, mister.” The volunteer came forward and introduced himself as Yannis. “You’re French?” Killy asked. “That’s already working for me.” The audience groaned. “A girl can like an accent!” Killy reprimanded. “Okay, Frenchie, you take the remote and then . . .”

Killy fell quiet. Yannis grinned. Jefferson asked, “Oh, is that . . .?”

Killy nodded, her mouth widening. Her knees went together. “Uh, yeah, that’s . . .” She turned and bent over. “Geez! Okay. Okay!” She turned back to the audience, her cheeks flushed. “Okay, so I suppose that’s the fast speed.”

“There’s another speed?” Yannis asked, looking at the remote. “Ah, there are these buttons.” He pushed one. Killy straightened up. “Ah, okay, yes. Yes, that’s nice. Very nice and easy.” She grinned, resting a forearm on her microphone stand. “Well, I tell you, I could do this all day.” Suddenly, she stiffened. Yannis grinned. “And there’s the fast speed again!” Killy writhed for a few moments. “Okay, Frenchie, okay,” she said, holding out a hand. “Any more of that and we’ll be married. Hand over the remote.” Yannis surrendered the device. Killy took it, smiled and pushed buttons for a few moments.

“Killy . . . ?” Jefferson asked.

“Oh, sorry!” Killy fumbled the remote, switching it off. “I can save that for later. So anyway, that’s the basics of these pleasure panties. Any questions?”

Someone asked if the remote worked over long distances. “Well, before the show, I tried them out to be sure the batteries functioned. Two women helped me in the ladies room; I suppose I’m dating them now, come to think of it. We tried some short distances and it worked fine. But I don’t think you can use this for a long distance relationship.”

Killy was asked if she was sad to be giving up the panties for the raffle. “Oh no, these are mine!” she exclaimed. “I think we have another pair to give away?”

“Indeed,” Jefferson nodded. “Thanks to our friends at Babeland.” Everyone attending Bare! had been given a raffle ticket. The first number pulled happened to belong to Killy’s husband. Foul was cried and another number pulled. Denise was the lucky winner. Happy remote controlled jollies, Denise!