Sunday, February 17, 7:30-9:00pm

Winter Fire, Washington D.C.

Winter Fire is an annual hotel retreat in Washington, D.C., offering classes, play space and more to the Dark Odyssey community. It’s a kinky convention in a nice venue. Bare! will offer a free show to attendees. You must be registered to attend; day passes are available. Visit Dark Odyssey for details.

Each month, Bare! brings together storytellers, comedians, sex educators and others to share true tales from their own experiences of sex, desire and romance. With stories as diverse as the people telling them, Bare! opens doors to bedrooms, back seats and dungeons to tell what your mama left out about the birds, bees and in-betweens.

Join our eclectic storytellers as they shuffle the deck to deal the inside hand on this night of wild card stories:

Hosted by Jefferson (One Life Take Two, Spill!)

Ava Amnesia (Sex Educator)

Heidi Galore (Storyteller)

Jennifer Tress (You’re Not Pretty Enough)

Musical guest Savannah Sly

. . . and special guests to be announced!

. . . and more! Take a chance by putting your name in the hat for a chance to bare all on the Bare! stage.

. . . and still more! Everyone is eligible to win a sex-toy raffle courtesy of The Garden.



Jefferson is the curator and host of Bare! A sex educator and writer, Jefferson keeps a pseudonymous blog, One Life, Take Two, that details his life as a parent and pervert. He is a storyteller frequently seen on stages around the city and elsewhere, including The Moth, where he is a StorySlam winner. He is also host of the monthly series Spill! True Stories of Queer Sex, Desire and Romance. At Winter Fire, Jefferson’s duties include teaching classes, hosting Bare! and producing an orgy.

Ava Amnesia is a lot of different things, but at the root of everything, she hates writing bios. They’re scarier than most of the sadists she plays with, and don’t scream half as attractively as some of the masochists she plays with, but they can be useful when trying to convince people to come listen to her talk. She doesn’t consider herself to be a traditional educator or performer, more of a wandering repository for information and entertainment, with a personal motto of: “If you’re not laughing, you probably aren’t learning.” In between being a professional submissive at the Studio in Chicago and trying to spend as much time with her friends and chosen family as possible, she loves to travel, read and sing (badly, in the shower).


Heidi Galore

Heidi Galore is a former police evidence collection agent in Virginia, and is a current crime analyst for an organization focused on finding missing children. She’s told hilarious and scary stories at several local shows including, Risk! the podcast and live show and AKA Variety Pants. During the one four month stretch when she was single,Heidi once spread the rumor that she was a slut, which resulted in her first of several near-one-night-stands. Soon after this boost to her ego, Heidi met and married the Chameleon of Burlesque, Bambi Galore, and they moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Heidi now enjoys numerous near-one-night-stands together with her wife.

Savannah Sly

Savannah Sly

Savannah Sly is a loud and proud kinky sex worker who likes to spin yarns via song. If you like strippers, waltzes, raunch, rock ballads, and the occasional slinky cover tune, come by Bare! on Sunday night to catch a warble or two from this colorful, adventurous songbird.

Jennifer Tress

Jennifer Tress

Jennifer Tress is a writer and storyteller based in Washington, DC.  She’s a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and xojane and in 2010 she chronicled Oprah’s final season forBitch Magazine.As a storyteller, she’s performed in DC and NYC, telling many stories from her upcoming memoir You’re Not Pretty Enough. An earlier version of her first chapter “Sex Education,” appeared in the Pinchback Press anthology, Tarnished: True Tales of Innocence Lost. In August 2012, Jen re-launched her website with all new content modeled after the It Gets Better Project, but speaking to beauty norms and their impact on the individual and is on the speaking circuit working to empower women and girls.

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Bare! True Stories of Sex, Desire and Romance takes place on the first Wednesdays of the month at Black Fox Lounge in Washington, D.C., and the third Mondays of the month at The PIT in New York City. Also visit our monthly companion show Spill! True Stories of Queer Sex, Desire and Romance at Public Assembly in New York City and Black Fox Lounge in Washington, D.C.