Thursday, September 25, 2014 8:30-10:30pm $10

Sidewalk Café, 94 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009 (212) 473-7373

Bare! True Stories of Sex, Desire and Romance brings together storytellers, comedians, sex educators and others to share true tales from their own experiences of sex, desire and romance. With stories as diverse as the people telling them, Bare! opens doors to bedrooms, back seats and dungeons to tell what your mama left out about the birds, bees and in-betweens.

Join our dogged storytellers as they tell tales of the elusive:

Hosted by Jefferson (One Life Take Two)

Nisse Greenberg (Wearing Shorts)

Jenice Mathia (Pussinomics)

Steve Zimmer (Moth GrandSlam)

Musical guest Juliet Jeske

. . . and you! Put your name in the hat for a chance to bare all on the Bare! stage.

. . . and more! Everyone is eligible to win our sex-toy raffle.

Jefferson (photo by Adrian Buckmaster)

Jefferson (photo by Adrian Buckmaster)

Jefferson is the curator and host of Bare!, monthly in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. A sex educator and writer, Jefferson keeps a pseudonymous blog, One Life, Take Two, that details his life as a parent and pervert. He is a storyteller frequently seen on stages around New York and elsewhere, including The Moth, where he is a StorySLAM winner. He is also host of Foreplay! A Sexy Storytelling Open Mic, biweekly at the Delancey in New York.


Nisse Greenberg

Nisse Greenberg is wearing pants despite the fact that is shorts weather. It was just a mistake, but it’s a mistake that will haunt him for minutes. Soon he will put on shorts and then think about art some more. He really likes art that he makes and also sometimes art that others make. You should check out his playground at Nisse Greenberg. It’s full of art that he’s made. Mostly he tells stories, but also he writes things and teaches math-like things.

Juliet Jeske

Juliet Jeske

Juliet Jeske is a comedian and writer. She’s appeared in the New York Fringe Festival three times, Off Broadway and toured the country twice with Cornerstone Chorale and Brass. Since switching to comedy she’s appeared at Comix, Broadway Comedy Club, The PIT, UCB and has been a host of variety and burlesque shows around New York City. Juliet is currently working on a memoir about being married to a gay clown, and is a frequent blogger and pundit on the Huffington Post.

Jenice Mathias

Jenice Mathias

Jenice Matias is a non-union, energetic, spontaneous Nuyorican baby boomer, recently nominated to the 2014 NBC/UCB Diversity Scholarship Showcase top-twenty finalist list. An actress, dancer, singer, improviser and educator, Jenice has told stories at The Moth, Whatever Happen To The Nerds, Animated Stories, RISK!, Local Stories, Shut Up, The Lost and Found Show, Casual Sketch and Bare! Her stories can be heard on Splitsider and iTunes. Jenice wrote and performed the one-person shows “Pussinomics: A Comedy” and “I Have No Luck With Men.” She is currently working on “Shadow Bat,” true paranormal stories performed in darkness, and “I Don’t Suffer From Insanity, I Enjoy Every Minute of It,” an autobiographical play about life with her mother, an abortionist for the Mafia in the 1960s.


Steve Zimmer

Steve Zimmer is known mainly for his efforts at the New York Moth GrandSlam, where he has collected eight bitter second-place finishes and five bitter first-place finishes.

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Bare! True Stories of Sex, Desire and Romance appears regularly in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Try your hand at sexy storytelling at Foreplay! A Sexy Storytelling Open Mic, biweekly in New York at The Delancey.